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Road transport
We provide road forwarding services. Years of experience in the transport-forwarding market resulted, on the one hand, in obtaining a strong position of a professional forwarder, on the other hand, in gaining a rich base of contacts and reliable partners. Therefore, we offer a full range of forwarding services. Our subcontractors are uniquely verified and honest partners. As a result, we are able to provide our customers a comprehensive organization of each transport.

As part of our Forwarding Services we offer:
  • a comprehensive organization and execution of the entire transport process
  • organization of loading and unloading goods
  • a number of additional services
  • consultancy in forwarding
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Forwarding orders are carried out by experienced forwarders who provide personalized service to our customers by minimizing the costs incurred by the customers while ensuring the highest standard of the services.

We organize domestic transport of goods, as well as intra-Community ones:
  • express
  • neutral
  • dangerous (ADR)
  • refrigerated transport
  • oversize

The cost of the transport depends on the route to follow, delivery period required by the customer, dimensions of the goods entrusted to us and all other special requirements concerning the type of the transport. Offering cheaper, faster and more efficient logistic solutions we give you a significant competitive advantage.

Express transport of goods

We offer the highest quality of express road transport of goods across Europe. We are able to deliver the goods entrusted to us to most of the European Union countries within 24 hours from loading. Express delivery of goods has become one of the most important branches of the transport industry. It is the answer to the growing expectations in relation to the time, the quality and safety of the transport of goods. We deliver each load within extremely short time while maintaining the safety of the entrusted goods.

We transport products at controlled temperatures. We offer you a Fresh service, which includes the transport of vegetables, transport of fruit and other foods which are liable to deteriorate or chemical products which are temperature sensitive. Transport of such products has to comply all standards and means of transport have to meet a number of requirements.

What makes us diffrent ?

We are fully aware that the best way to build a long-term competitive advantage is to focus on the needs of the clients and their requirements, such as:

  • Confidence – accepting the order, we always bring the transaction to the end and execute a contract, regardless of the costs or losses.
  • Quality – we provide the best quality service from the customer's perspective in every aspect of our business - from the forwarder to accounting.
  • Safety – as being our client you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to fulfill our commitment, and we will help in a situation when there are unexpected problems.
  • Honesty – our clients are assured that they will never be cheated. We are guided by the principles of "fair play" and so called "mercantile honest"
  • Help – we always help our clients, not leaving them to their own devices, even if from a legal point of view, we are not obliged to help, we are available.
  • Flexibility – we always look for the best solution, we are creative and open to different ideas, nothing is impossible for us
  • Attractive price – thanks to the high quality of our work and processes, we are able to offer our customers an attractive price, competitive over offers of other forwarding companies.

Why should you work with us ?
Customer satisfaction has always been and is our top priority. That is our strong point say the customer reviews. Respondents, in a survey carried out on the level of clients’ satisfaction within the execution of the provided services, put good customer service at the first place. It is demonstrated by:
  • timeliness
  • availability
  • up-to-date information about the position of transported goods
  • quick response to inquiries
  • a relaxed and friendly conversation
  • the openness to clear communication
  • quick response
  • conscientiousness

Euro-Lubsped is a transport-forwarding company which was established based on many years of experience in the TSL industry.

Acquired knowledge and skills in well-known and recognized transport and forwarding companies such as PSM C. Hartwig Warszawa, WELZ Polska, Logwin Logistics or Quehenberger Logistics is a guarantee of reliability, safety and full professionalism in providing transport and forwarding services.