We provide a road forwarding service.

Our offer includes a full range of forwarding services:

Transport with tautliner truck

We specialize in transport with tautliner vehicles. Each loaded product is properly secured and delivered in compliance with all safety rules. This is the most frequently chosen type of transport by our clients.

Transportation of full and partial loads

Our company provides Full Truck Load and Less Than Truck load transport services in all European Union countries. It does not matter if you have a large amount of goods to be committed and your goods take up the entire loading area, or you need to transport only one pallet – we will try to adapt to your needs in such a way that it is profitable and satisfactory for both of us.  

Express delivery of goods

If you need to transport goods at an express pace, contact us! Our offer also includes express road transport of goods throughout Europe. We have adapted our services in such a way as to meet the growing expectations of customers regarding the time, quality and safety of goods transport. Therefore, we are able to carry out the transport of the cargo entrusted to us at an express pace while maintaining all safety standards. 

Refrigerated transport

In our offer you will find the possibility of transporting loads that require controlled temperature. With this type of transport, we mainly transport vegetables, fruit and flower bulbs.

We work with proven, experienced logistics and transport companies with many years of experience on the local and international market.
Our subcontractors are only reliable partners.