We provide a road forwarding service.

Our offer includes a full range of forwarding services:

Refrigerated transport

We offer transport of goods by refrigerated semi-trailers at a controlled temperature from – 25 ° C to + 25 ° C. We provide refrigerated transport throughout Europe. We transport vegetables, fruit, meat and meat products, fish, dairy products, seafood, as well as medicines and their components at a controlled temperature.

Transport with tautliner truck

We provide transport with tautliner semi-trailers, which are used for transport, among others chemicals, plastics, paper and many other products, including ADR dangerous goods. One of the advantages of transporting with tautliner is the possibility of loading from almost all sides. This allows you to transport loads of even large dimensions.

Transportation of full and partial loads
Full truckload (FTL) and partial loads (LTL) services are provided by our company in all European Union countries.
Transport of dangerous goods ADR
We offer transport of dangerous, flammable, corrosive and poisonous goods. We transport dangerous goods with the highest safety standards.
Express delivery of goods
We provide the highest quality express transport. We are able to deliver the goods entrusted to us within 24 hours of loading to most European Union countries. We know that express transport of goods has become one of the most important branches of the transport industry. It is a response to the growing expectations as to the time, quality and safety of goods transport. Therefore, we will deliver every load at an express pace in compliance with all safety standards.
Oversized transport
We transport oversized cargo, i.e. cargo exceeding its dimensions or weight permissible standards specified in road traffic regulations. It is crucial for us both to secure the transported goods and to ensure the safety of other road users.

We work with proven, experienced logistics and transport companies with many years of experience on the local and international market.
Our subcontractors are only reliable partners.